The T-SPOT®.TB test is the only TB test with sensitivity and specificity greater than 95%¹ in pivotal clinical studies.

Packaging of Blood Specimens

The shipping container makes use of one Solid Pack (to protect from extreme heat) and one Liquid Pack (to protect from extreme cold). The combined use of both packs allows for the blood specimens to be maintained at room temperature during transit.

Store the shippers between 68-75 F. This will ensure that the packs will be in their intended state. Upon receipt, it is recommended that both packs be stored within this temperature range.

NOTE: Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories® will track each customer’s usage of shipping containers and will automatically resupply as needed.

Step 1: Solid and Liquid Packs

1. Determine the state of each pack and confirm that the Solid Pack is solid and the Liquid Pack is liquid.

  • If the Liquid Pack is solid, melt the pack by placing it in an incubator or in warm water.
  • If the Solid Pack is liquid, solidify the pack by placing it in a refrigerator.

Note: After conditioning, please allow the packs to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes while preparing the specimens for shipment. This will ensure that the packs are within the specimen storage requirements for transit.

Step 2: Blood Specimens

1. Insert specimen tube(s) in absorbent tube holder. Up to 6 specimen tubes can be placed in each tube holder.
2. Place up to two holders (12 specimens) in the biohazard bag and seal.
3. Place the completed requisition form(s) in the biohazard bag paperwork pouch.

Step 3: Packaging

1. Place the Liquid Pack in the insulated container.
2. Place biohazard bag containing the specimens on top of the Liquid Pack.
3. Place Solid Pack on top of the biohazard bag.
4. Close the brown flap over the Solid Pack.
5. Place the lid on top of the insulated container.
6. Complete the “List of Contents” checklist printed on one of the inside flaps of the box.
7. Seal the box flaps with packaging tape.
8. Place sealed box in FedEx UN3373 Pak provided.
9. Place the enclosed FedEx label on the UN3373 Pak.

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